Poseidon Area

With ConocoPhillips

Occam Technology prepares and supplies clean, workstation ready well data in readily accessible formats - unlike other sources, such as government archives and other private vendors.


These files include commonly required logging-while-drilling (LWD), wireline, and mud log data with concise digital text summaries, suitable for conventional geological, petrophysical, and seismic applications. These unique text summaries are prepared exclusively by Occam Technology and are not available elsewhere.


We have samples of digital well log data and associated text files available on our website.


In early 2018, ConocoPhillips requested data for several wells in the Poseidon area of the outer Browse basin, for use in a seismic research and development project - the MalenoV evaluation software.


The dataset comprises eight wells:



The files are composite generic data (GR/RD/RS, DTC/DTS/RHOB, NPHI/CALI) resampled to 0.5m. This data is fit for purpose but is not suitable for more detailed petrophysical applications. All data originates from copies of field data files, usually in DLIS format. The data were cleaned, spliced, and resampled using the Occam Technology software suite.


Occam Technology can provide more complete datasets for these wells, as well as data for several hundred more wells from the greater Timor Sea basins. These datasets include detailed text summaries for all available wells.


This Timor Sea dataset is a small part of the more general Occam Technology and Wiltshire Geological Services data archive. Our regional coverage map and summary is available on our website, and all data is available for purchase.


Please contact us by email or on the web for detailed prices and quotes for this data, and all others.