August 2017 Pricing Schedule


Occam Technology is pleased to provide an updated August 2017 pricing schedule. This is the first significant pricing revision in about a decade and reflects what we believe to be a reasonable adjustment to account for substantial investments in research and development of the data archive. An updated pricing structure is as follows:


  • Log Data: $0.08 per curve metre, capped to $1200 per well.

  • Well Data Summaries: $300 per well.

Over the past decade, we have embarked on the broad-reaching development of our well data summaries to include analytical data derived from laboratory analysis of down-hole samples. These data summaries are intended to provide concise supporting documentation for well logs, thus enriching the well data set.

Discounts may be available for bulk purchases – please contact for further details.


Joint Venture Pricing

We have also reviewed our joint venture pricing policy. Listed below are the per-joint-venture-participant multipliers for data and well data summaries. Joint ventures do not attract further discounts:


  • 2 participants: 0.75 per participant

  • 3 participants: 0.625 per participant

  • 4 participants: 0.5 per participant

  • 5 participants: 0.38 per participant

  • 6 or more participants: 0.33 per participant

For example, pricing for a four-participant joint venture purchasing data for 100 capped-price wells with associated data summaries is determined as follows:

Price = (number of wells * (capped price + well data summary price)) * (joint venture multiplier * no. of joint venture participants)
Price = (100 * ($1200+300)) * (0.5 * 4)
Price = $300,000

Unchanged is our copyright and on-copying policy: neither regular nor joint-venture pricing includes copyright and permission to sell or on-copy data is forbidden.


Copyright inclusive pricing is available upon request – contact for more information.


Note: All prices are listed in Australian Dollars.