Updated data for 850 wells on Australia's Western Margin.

Occam Technology is pleased to announce the completion of an in-depth data review of approximately 850 wells from the Arafura, Bonaparte, Browse, Canning, and Roebuck basins on Australia's western margin.

This update and review has resulted in the inclusion of all available drilling performance and mud gas log data. All newly available data has been integrated into our existing data packages, and is now available for purchase.

In addition, we have detailed digital text summaries available for each well. These summaries contain a range of data - pressure data, fluids analyses, detailed core analyses, source rock analyses, age dating summaries, seismic performance data, and bit records.

Occam Technology is currently undertaking further reviews and updates of available data for several thousand wells located in the Carnarvon and Perth Basins, and the Bowen-Surat basins.

These data allow immediate application to regional geologic studies, as well as detailed analysis of individual wells and are presented in LAS format, ready to be imported into industry standard workstation software.

Contact us today to learn more about how this data can be used to drive your oil and gas exploration projects, or visit our oil & gas well mapping tool to browse available data.

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