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August 2017 Pricing Update

Occam Technology is pleased to provide an updated August 2017 pricing schedule. This is the first significant pricing revision in about a decade and reflects what we believe to be a reasonable adjustment to account for substantial investments in research and development of the data archive. An updated pricing structure is as follows:

  • Log Data: $0.08 per curve metre, capped to $1200 per well.

  • Well Data Summaries: $300 per well.

Over the past decade, we have embarked on the broad-reaching development of our well data summaries to include analytical data derived from laboratory analysis of down-hole samples. These data summaries are intended to provide concise supporting documentation for well logs, thus enriching the well data set.

Discounts may be available for bulk purchases – please contact for further details.

Joint Venture Pricing

We have also reviewed our joint venture pricing policy. Listed below are the per-joint-venture-participant multipliers for data and well data summaries. Joint ventures do not attract further discounts:

  • 2 participants: 0.75 per participant

  • 3 participants: 0.625 per participant

  • 4 participants: 0.5 per participant

  • 5 participants: 0.38 per participant

  • 6 or more participants: 0.33 per participant

For example, pricing for a four-participant joint venture purchasing data for 100 capped-price wells with associated data summaries is determined as follows:

Price = (number of wells * (capped price + well data summary price)) * (joint venture multiplier * no. of joint venture participants) Price = (100 * ($1200+300)) * (0.5 * 4) Price = $300,000

Unchanged is our copyright and on-copying policy: neither regular nor joint-venture pricing includes copyright and permission to sell or on-copy data is forbidden.

Copyright inclusive pricing is available upon request – contact for more information.

Note: All prices are listed in Australian Dollars.

Data Donation Policy

Wiltshire Geological Services and Occam Technology have a longstanding policy of donating data to universities and other research institutions worldwide. Donations to date surpass $5m in value.

For the purposes of donation valuation, well prices are capped, discounts do not apply, joint venture pricing is applied when relevant, and donations are valued in Australian Dollars.

These conditions are subject to change, dependent on our view of the commercial implications of making a donation.

Please contact us at to request more information about our donation policy, or to request a donation on behalf of a research institution.